Hymnal Memorials & Honorary Bookplates

hymnal b&w openIn anticipation and celebration of Glory to God: The Presbyterian Hymnal, bookplates are now available for purchase. The bookplates, affixed prominently on the inside front cover of the new purple hymnals, will honor beloved family members and friends who have died and will honor the lives of those we cherish.

The bookplates, $20 each, allow us to honor our loved ones, now and for the generations to come. Please contact Daphne Garey (615-298-9517 or dgarey@fpcnashville.org) with the name(s) of those honored and specify “In memory of” or “In honor of.” Please make checks payable to First Presbyterian Church, with “Hymnal Bookplate” in the subject line. You may also order a bookplate online. (Click on the “Give Now” link next to the Hymnal Memorial and Honorariums form in order to pay online for a bookplate by securely creating a one-time draft from your bank account).

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