Children’s Music

Building and nurturing lifelong Christians through the active praising and worshiping of God.

The experience of worshiping Jesus Christ through music is a lasting gift that sticks with children into adulthood. As our children learn musical skills in choir, they also form friendships, learn church music traditions, and build courage to present their talents to each other and the larger church body.


Hosanna Singers (4 year old – 1st grade)

Hosanna Choir, directed by Kelly Posey, teaches children the basics of reading rhythms and melodies, so that they may sing joyfully with their church family in corporate worship. Children in Hosanna have the opportunity to play Orff instruments, including the xylophone and glockenspiel. As a result, playing these instruments provide children hands-on experience to develop musical skills. Choristers gain both knowledge and deepened awareness of God’s presence through devotions, prayers and spiritual practices centered on God’s Word.

Doxology Singers  (2nd grade – 6th grade)

Doxology Choir, directed by Kevin Salter, is an exciting way to prepare children to serve as leaders in worship. Each week, this group explores the hymns of the faith; both learning to sing them, and reflecting on their sound theology, which inspires their devotions and prayers. Children use choral singing, instrumental playing, music reading and exploring Scripture to practice leadership in worship. Doxology choristers hone their individual gifts, both musical and non-musical, contributing to the worship life of our church throughout the year. Doxology members also serve as mentors and role models for Hosanna Singers.

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