2014 FPC Annual Choir Recognition Dinner

2014 FPC Annual Choir Recognition Dinner

Choir Photo

Front Row (L-R): Dr. Ed Stone, Bill Kirby, Susan Kirby, Dr. Rubye Torrey, Virginia Rubin and Claudia Torrey; Back Row (L-R): Don Fisher, Kathleen Dietz, Keith Moore, Bekah Caruso, Bill Caruso and Larry English

On Wednesday, May 14, all FPC choirs celebrated their annual Recognition Dinner in Courtenay Hall. Members of the FPC Youth and Childrens’ choirs provided dinner music for the evening. The Children’s Choirs presented Noah, a musical written by Carol McClure and narrated by Mickey Fitts. All members of the Children’s Choir programs were recognized for their many achievements of the last year.

Kathleen Dietz, President of the Sanctuary Chorale (8:30 A.M. service), presented certificates to the choir’s founding members, including Kathleen Dietz, Bill Caruso, Dr. Keith Moore, Dr. Norm Stephenson and Susan Woods.

Dr. Rubye Torrey &   Dr. Raphael Bundage

Dr. Rubye Torrey &
Dr. Raphael Bundage

Dr. Raphael Bundage, Director of the Sanctuary Choir (11:00 A.M. service) presented certificates to choir members who had been members for 20 years or longer. Choir members present for the presentation included Bill Kirby (20 yrs.), Susan Kirby (20 yrs.), Claudia Torrey (22 yrs.), Choir Member Emeritus Dr. Ed Stone (23 yrs.), Virginia Rubin (24 yrs.), Bekah Caruso (25 yrs.), Dr. Keith Moore (30), Don Fisher (30 yrs.) and Larry English (31 yrs.). Also recognized but unable to be there were Carolyn Naumann (20 yrs.), Mark Naumann (20 yrs.), Dr. Ted Wylie (22 yrs.), Libby Marley (33 yrs.) and Sally Burch (34 yrs.).

The highlight of the evening was the recognition of Dr. Rubye Torrey for 44 years as a member of the FPC Sanctuary Choir! Dr. Torrey has faithfully attended choir rehearsals and Sunday services in addition to her many other commitments to her work, family and FPC. Now, that is dedication, commitment and dependability. Dr. Torrey was presented a Certificate and an embossed Glory to God hymnal in appreciation for her service.

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